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Welcomed to my website

I am an experienced freelance translator who is committed to the highest standards in the profession.
I translate from English, French, and Spanish into Portuguese.
I specialize in technical translations in the medical, pharmaceutical and legal areas.

It's not what you do, that makes a difference - It's how you do it

I understand my job and make things happen.
I am a linchpin and I go that extra mile to write the words that will make the translation read like the original document.

If you don't understand it you cannot translate.

"The hallmark of a good scientific translator is intellectual honesty and a sixth sense to realize that something is amiss." (Henry Fischbach)

Technical translation is an art and a scientific process. Not understanding the crucial role of a technical translator is running blind in terms of competitive advantage; this person will be the ultimate responsible for the company's bottom line – without a proper translation, no drug or medical device will have Marketing authorization.

I am a regular contributor to Pharma IQ.



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